Colors of Mind [School Animation Project]

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Keep [D r a w i n g] A girl enters a world of nothingness and finds tools. She uses them to draw and it turns out that she has the ability to turn her drawings into reality. But unfortunately, her paint soon runs out and she's being prevented from doing she? _____________ A project I did for my art classes in school. GUESS WHO GOT AN A+ fyesbitches So I needed to make a 3 minutes long animation with a story. Overall, I'm incredibly happy about this. This is my longest project ever and I thank my teacher for giving me the opportunity, my friends for supporting me mentally and Aria for putting throughout the whole plot. Yep, Aria's the name of the protag actually. And a side character in my old 2011 project "World Paint", but I'll make a cut here and not talk about this too much. Sometimes I think there are things that I could've have done better, honestly. I was the kind of person who improved MIDWAYS but if I'd go redo every scene I could have done better, I'll completely stop moving one day, wouldn't I? Life's like that too. That's why I decided to keep the mistakes in the past and keep going. I'm sure I'll end up at better things in the future. I'd like to keep improving from now on! Music: "A piece of chalk" by Vincent Lee Art: Mine. Deviantart:

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