Cutaway! Ch 6 High Speed Malfunctions - The APFs malfunction training video.

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Cutaway! Australian Parachute Federation's malfunction training video is designed to be used as an educational supplement to the required first jump course. Featuring demonstrations by Australian skydiving champion, Michael Vaughan, it shows the different types of malfunctions that can occur and how to deal with them effectively using emergency procedures. Produced, Directed and Edited by Andrew Forsyth Written by Don Cross, Ralf Jaeger and Gary Myors Aerial Performances by Michael Vaughan Director of Aerial Photography Shane Sparkes Safety Skydiver and Hand Model Rob Douthat Director of Photography Craig Hardiman Sound Design by Andrew Forsyth & Post OP Group Graphics by Andy Eisenberg & Andrew Forsyth The APF wishes to thank the following for their generous support: Glenn Singleman, Don Cross, Mike Carre, Michael Vaughan, Jules McConnel, Paul "Poo" Smith, Jai Campion, Jo Chitty, Nigel Brennan, Simon "Sas" DiSiascio Executive Producer Don Cross. Chief Instructor Skydive Nagambie. Produced by Pemberton Productions Pty. Ltd. 2013 Proudly presented by the Australian Parachute Federation

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