Inequality and Aging Lecture at the London School of Economics-THE END GAME-Corey Abramson

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LSE Public Lecture on The End Game: How Inequality Shapes Our Final Years| Harvard University Press (2015) by Corey M. Abramson, Ph.D. ( Recorded June 3, 2015 Reviews for the Book: “American seniors face starkly different challenges depending on economic circumstances. The End Game provides a deeper understanding of how inequalities affect the entire passage of our lives.”—Robert Reich, University of California, Berkeley, and former U.S. Secretary of Labor “Abramson brings a qualitative eye to a topic we have mainly known through statistics—mortality rates, actuarial estimates, and life expectancies. With a refreshing perspective, The End Game brings us close to what people experience as they age, making clear not only that ‘aches and pains’ are shared across the board but also that access to resources matters enormously for how people manage those difficulties. The book dispels stereotypes over and over; his elderly respondents work to maintain their image, laugh at their failing memories, and smoke marijuana. The book is a terrific contribution to our knowledge of how people actually experience inequality in their later years.”—Mario Luis Small, Harvard University “How inequality plays out in our aging population could not be a more important question. The aged are supposedly a group that we have done a good job at protecting with Medicare and Social Security, yet we still see sharp social gradients. This book, the first on the topic, helps to answer that question.”—Dalton Conley, New York University

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