Prudence Sinclair - Wake up-Passionup-Show up- 3 things you must do.

Convert to MP3 for your device with YouTube MP3jam 3 things to do when diagnosed with cancer or a chronic disease. Your Free Video Series is here! Get your bonuses and gifts here: I'm honored to share these videos with my lovely friends to inspire you to live a better quality of life. I should be dead right now. According to medical experts anyway. But instead of dying, I got educated. Well first I got scared, and then angry, and THEN educated. We all want to live a better quality of life right? The question is, how are we going to do that especially if we are struggling with our health. Do you have a plan - a strategy - do you know where to start? This Free Video Series will teach you everything you need to know to live a better quality of life. Click here to receive your FREE Video Series Let's do this together. FB: TW: Instagram: About Prue: Hello lovely you. My personal cancer journey began when Australian doctors gave me six months to live. That was 28 years ago when I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer – malignant melanoma – the most aggressive form, Nodular Melanoma. After several surgeries and the option of chemotherapy, I decided to research the world for so-called “alternative medicine.” I was a frightened young woman in my early 20’s who flew halfway around the world on a journey to find focused, comprehensive health solutions that would help me to understand better the immense challenges ahead of me. This is how I developed a game plan on how to participate in my own health. I chose and believed in my medicine – I loved my medicine. When I heard those four magic words, “you are in remission,” I became a crusader. All I wanted to do was help others. Two decades ago in Perth, Australia, I founded a metabolic nutritional mind-body clinic and was a featured guest on Australian TV and radio shows. I ran seminars all across the country including New Zealand and America. We flew industry experts, research scientists, and doctors in from Mexico, Romania, France, Germany and the USA to lecture. Did you know that physicians are not taught about nutrition and the mind-body connection in medical school? This is a fact. “Let food be thy medicine” ~ Hippocrates The tragic moments have become magic moments in my life and helped me to grow and become the Wisdom Wellness Guru I am today. It is not what happens in your life that matters, it’s how you perceive it and use it to inspire yourself and others. I am on my knees with gratitude to have learned that the truth of your life is in your reality. If you’ve researched the world for ¼ of a century searching for innovative evidenced-based therapies, diets, and tools and have found things that work, then you want to share these discoveries to help others and offer hope. I’ve learned the lifetime benefits of meditation – power of my mind and how my thoughts create my future. I know this to be true, and I wish this for you. I know how to control silent inflammation and stabilize my blood sugars with the right foods. Let food be your medicine. I wish this for you. I’ve studied and traveled all over the world and have always been fascinated with different cultures, spiritualism, human behavior and philosophy. At 22, I signed up for a Psycho-Cybernetics course, this was just before I was diagnosis with stage 4 cancer and that course started my quest to finding a new way to heal. In my travels, I’ve met some amazing people, gurus, religious – spiritual leaders, Sharmans, Ph.D.’s, scientists and doctors who were guinea pigs for their own creative medical inventions. The one that comes to mind was my dear friend Dr. Kuhnau, who was 80 years old and known all over the world for his cellular therapy of live and frozen cells without preservatives – the guru of Live Cell Therapy. I would accompany him to the San Diego fishing docks to buy shark cartilage and he would inject himself first with his formula. He was fascinating. I’ve visited and studied the customs and philosophies of Hawaiians, Maoris – Polynesian culture, Aborigines from Australia, Mexican, Brazilian, Hungarian, Indian, South East Asian gurus and spiritualists – ancient European cultures. I’ve studied a plethora of meditation techniques, creative imagery, and enlightenment programs. This is how I have been able to create and bring you my digital comprehensive health & healing programs covering every aspect of my life journey to help you heal your life. I’ve been where you are now, I know what you’re feeling, and, more importantly, I’m literally living proof that we all have the power to heal ourselves and shape our destinies.

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