Jupiter Strong - Complete Book Series On Your Mobile Device

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The Jupiter Strong Children's Book Series is a look at the world through the eyes of Jupiter Strong! Go with Jupiter as she learns all about the world around her! The series starts with Jupiter Strong and The Lunch Lion. Jupiter's first day of kindergarten where she encounters a mysterious Lunch Lion. Link to YouTube video preview - It continues with Jupiter Strong and The Hairy Hippos. Jupiter and her classmates take a trip to the zoo where Jupiter learns all about animals AND a lesson about loving her self! Link to YouTube video preview - The series continues with Jupiter Strong and The Money Muncher. Jupiter and her siblings have to earn money for a VERY special trip. She learns about earning/saving and investing money! Link to YouTube preview - The 4th book in the Jupiter Strong series is: Jupiter Strong and The Victorious Voyage! Jupiter and her family take a trip to Tanzania, East Africa. While visiting, Jupiter gets a lesson in multiculturalism. There is food, music, dancing, and fun! Link to YouTube Preview - Each story has a Swahili challenge, that the whole family will enjoy! Order Paperback: - All 4 Book Deal Order Paperback: - Lunch Lion Order Paperback: - Hairy Hippos Order Paperback: - Money Muncher Order Paperback: - Victorious Voyage

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