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Hey guys, this is my channel Study Group. I'm a Chemical Engineering Technology student and tutor and I'm very interested in the physical sciences (particularly chemistry). I study hard for my classes and was always very frustrated because I worked so hard to learn all this information and I would always forget it over time. So, I finally decided that I had enough of wasting my time. I decided to record some videos on topics covered in my program that explained important details that I would need to remember so I could watch them later when I needed a review. Who is better at explaining things to you than yourself? Recently, I have been thinking that maybe I could help other students in my program by sharing my videos with them and maybe they could record their own videos too! We could help each other learn and maintain a grasp of important concepts. I hope to create an interactive study group which allows students to access information anytime without having to meet up! Then I thought, "why just my program?". So, I'm currently recording videos that I think might help students! This Channel is by students, for students. Hopefully, I can find some other students who would like to record educational videos and share them on my channel as well! I will try to keep uploading at a good pace. -Jake

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