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An outline of the entire film and its 40 lessons. Press pause if you need more time to view it. WELCOME to this Worldwork "Crash Course". Worldwork is a large and small group application of Process Work. I spent about 6 years creating this film and now am giving it to the public. Enjoy! The 40 short animated lessons include Worldwork’s basic theory and practice and are meant for anyone hoping to help their group or our world. The film shows an especially light-hearted approach to learning Worldwork with fun and quirky animated figures with computerized voices (which may take a little time to get used to :-) to help with conflict in yourself, in groups, organizations and the world. This can be for students, teachers, facilitators, coaches, business, government and anyone who wants to learn how to appreciate and help our diverse world. This Outline will give you a general orientation to the various parts of the film. ENJOY! (If you'd like to support others to study worldwork at our worldwork seminars, you might contribute something to our scholarship fund, see )

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