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Please visit and PROPHECY 72 - PLANET X July 12, 2003 PLANET will cause MASS DESTRUCTION PROPHECTIC WARNING Is this the Planet X that so many are warning about? I don't know if it is or not nor do I know the scientific data, but I do know what YAHWEH told me and the anointing hit me as I wrote the below. Excerpts from Prophecy 72 "Foolish man to think you can use mathematics to calculate the date that I YAHWEH will use a planet in MY wrath to cause mass destruction to MY enemies. "A word of prophetic warning to the rich and powerful who think they will be safe in the underground cities full of your treasures stored up, delicacies of food, etc. The underground cities you built and are still building will be your watery tombs and you shall die with your treasures of earth and I, YAHWEH, have delayed that judgment for the prayers of the true believers in YAHSHUA'S name, those obedient, walking Holy before ME will be spared and I have had mercy thus far for the sake of MY children that call out for more time to reach more souls for the Kingdom of Heaven. "Judgment is delayed but not stopped and it is I, YAHWEH, alone that will calculate the date when MY wrath hits the earth. I, YAHWEH, have delayed the judgment to confound and shame those that built the underground cities thinking only of themselves, proving that I, YAHWEH, alone is Judge over who will live and who will die and who will enter Heaven and who will go to hell. "Remember I, YAHWEH, send forth my apostles and prophets to warn before I send MY wrath. It is your choice whether you listen and obey but know this, all shall reap what they have sown good seed and bad seed alike." END OF PROPHETIC WARNING Given to Apostle Elisabeth Elijah July 12, 2003 FROM AMIGHTYWIND PROPHECIES -"Creflo Dollar, I have this against you, you worship the Almighty Dollar! Paul and Jan Crouch, Joel Osteen, Marilyn Hickey, Joyce Meyers, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Steven Munsey, Rick Joyner, Pat Robertson, Oral Roberts, Richard and Lindsey Roberts, Juanita Bynum and Thomas Weeks, Paula White, Rodney Howard-Browne, Mike Murdock, Carman, Billy Graham, TD Jakes, Rod Parsley and Kim Clement. These are just a few examples of Evangelical Prosperity Pimps and they are pimps for the devil" note: Judgment is coming soon upon the servants of satan, the rich pimp preachers, liar televangelists and prophets of baal they are all the same. YAHUVEH GOD is not mocked as they come in the name of Jesus but it is a dark Jesus not the NAME OF JESUS / YAHUSHUA OF THE HOLY SCRIPTURES AND CREATOR OF ALL THINGS, WHO Died for the sins of all.

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