Saturn: 7 Fun Facts about the Second-Largest Planet in the Solar System

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Saturn is a spectacular, far away planet of the Solar System, which is located in the sixth place, if you could from the Sun. The list of basic facts about this planet includes such information: Saturn belongs to a list of planets, classified as gas giants; it has a set of rings, which are the most vivid in the Solar System, and are made up by frozen rocks and dust; Titan, the biggest of Saturn’s moons, is known to have a thick atmosphere, similar to that of an Earth’s. But there is many more things any kid or adult should know about this planet and many of these things are quite impressive. A full list of facts to know about Saturn may be found here: In the video presentation itself, we have decided to concentrate on such facts: - a list of naked-eye planets, i.e. those, which may be seen without any additional astronomical equipment; - history of discovery and disappearing rings of Saturn; - a planet with the lowest density; - how many planets, except Saturn, are known to have rings? - history of space exploration missions and fly-bys near Saturn.

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