Drug Abuse Education - It's a Fact!

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In this episode Nicolas and Marla talk about drug and substance abuse issues: ● Be a winner with our cool video game about living responsibly and making the right choices. ● Meet Sgt. Williams who tells us about three harmful substances that will prevent you from being the very best that you can be. ● Find out why it really matters how you choose to approach a problem and how you think about it. It's a Fact! is an empowering and informative Caribbean animated series for children. It's a Fact! is produced in Barbados by Vividview for the Caribbean region and Diaspora. PRODUCTION CREDITS: Voice Actor: iNDRANi Featuring: Sgt. Carl Williams, Royal Barbados Police Force Animation: Marcel Pragnell Illustration: Marcel Pragnell & Jason Cole Music & Sound Design: Brian Marshall, Shoestring Studios Written & Directed By: Liesje Cole-Pragnell Executive Producer: U.S. Embassy to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean A Vividview Production © 2012, Vividview

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