3 hours - Educational video for children - Discovery of America - by Rainbow Kids TV

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Animated bedtime story of Christopher Columbus first journey with karaoke poetry for your child. Long play version. On a bright sunny August day, Christopher Columbus left the Palos bay His sight set on the horizon far away He intended to reach India some day First, in the Canary islands he docked To get food and water stocked In the Santa Maria bridge he walked To the officers and men he talked By dusk, the brave explorers set sail. Through winds, thunders, rain and hail. These three little ships will prevail. Fearless, daring sailors shall never fail. The lazy days slowly went by, Guided by the stars sparkling in the sky. On Columbus navigation they all rely. Until a flock of birds the sail overfly. In the middle of the 29th night, Land seems to appear in sight. To all great joy and delight, Trees, sand and birds emerge by daylight. So beautiful, with trees and a waterfall, By San Salvador it will be known by all. In the morning they make landfall. But this land is not the India hoped by all. A new strange people they meet. No cloth or shoes on their feet. With smiles and friendliness they greet, No clue of hostility, malice or deceit. Sadly, the gallant Santa Maria run aground, Now the stout fleet must turnaround. To give the good news and all astound. A vast, distant land was just found. Columbus navigation no longer is confuse. In the Azores they stop to rest the crews. The immense Atlantic once again they cruise, But a tremendous storm in the horizon brews. Wind, rain and thunder the men torment, But on arriving home they all are bent. Boldly through the storm they went, With no regret, cry, moan or lament. To Lisbon the ships are directed, Strong winds the course diverted. With open arms they are accepted, But elsewhere the fleet is expected. On the Spanish shores the flotilla finally arrives. To the bold and perilous odyssey it survives, New dreams and hopes the heroic tale derives. Promptly, a new expedition Columbus devises. This was America's discovery story, By the man who dreamt about India glory, Gold, silver, spice, silk and ivory. But a new continent was in his trajectory. Poem and Animation by Rui S. Sousa Music by Doug Maxwell lullaby, lullabies, baby, babies, bed, cradle, crib, bedtime, sleep, sleeping, sleepy, nap, canción de cuna, canciones de cuna, bebé, bebés, ropa de cama, cuna, la hora de dormir, berceuse, berceuses, bébé, bébés, lit, berceau, heure du coucher, sommeil, somnolent, Wiegenlied, Wiegenlieder, Baby, Babys, Bett, Wiege, vor dem Schlafengehen, schlafen, canção de ninar, canções de ninar, bebê, bebês, cama, berço, dormir, dormir, dormir, sono

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