The Lecture: Climate Disclosures on Gas Pumps

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TABLE OF CONTENTS: 0:00 Overview of the idea & talk Climate change and our global carbon budget Design templates for labels Endorsements from academics & NGOs Do warning labels on tobacco packaging work? Psychology: Currrent moment bias. Social Psychology: Diffusion of responsibility Economics: Communicating externalities Communications: The medium is the message Industry misinformation? Remedy is disclosures of risk. Summary of theory Impact: Individual and collective change Closing the experiential gap Vast majority of emissions come from end-use The problem is disconnect Thought exercise: No Labels v. Labels How has industry responded? Prefer to avoid the problem. Legislative progress in U.S. Legislative progress in Canada Media attention around the world Cognitively primed to go global Leverage points and systems change: trim tab What's next? Citizens, Politicians, and Funders... please! :) Want to know how we've made it this far without a budget? Watch our behind the scenes "Inside the Campaign" interview with Rob Shirkey at: Please support our work. Go to

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