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AMS Pictures Public Interest partnered with the Texas Workforce Commission to create four videos for their student-focused website txbrainpower.org. Each video highlights a real-life Texan's educational and professional journey which sets them on a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) focused career path. Designed to translate the somewhat foreign concept of "STEM careers" into something that a young, aspiring Texan can relate to - the videos are crafted in a manner that speaks directly to a student population. Utilizing fun and relevant animations, a youth-focused cinematography style, and an informative and motivational storytelling approach, the Texas Brain Power video series portray STEM education and careers as exciting, valuable and attractive future for students 14 -- 23 yrs old. Watch the video above as post graduate Texans, Sue Park and Daniel Piers share their knowledge on how to pay for college. AMS Pictures Public Interest, , is an Austin-based creative media company specializing in communication strategy, digital storytelling and campaigns for social good.

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