Different Types of Houses | Class 2 Science CBSE School Syllabus Videos | NCERT

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Pebbles presents CBSE Class 2 Science School Syllabus Training Videos. The topics are explained by a Teacher with the help of various teachings aids such as Live Teacher Explanation, Explanation with the help of Chalk & Board, Day to Day things & Computer Graphics. Every section is followed by an activity which will keep the kids attracted and help them learn the topics better. CBSE Class 2 Science (Environmental Studies) Syllabus is as follows About Me Growing Up Clothes Food Health is Wealth My Family Recreation and Celebrations Our Festivals Our National Festivals Our Houses Cleaning the House People who Build Houses A Good House and Neighborhood Occupation The School Keeping the School Safety Habits Means of Transport Seasons Our Beautiful Earth The Air Around Us The World Of Plants Uses of Plants Animal Life Activities covered in the Videos are Fill in the Blanks, Match The Columns, Tick The Correct Answer, Answer In One Word, Answer The Following, Solve The Puzzle, True Or False, Cancel The Wrong Answer, Multiple Choice Questions, Name The Following Class 1 to 10 Subject Packs are available in all leading Book Stores in all over India. For online purchase of our products, visit Visit Pebbles Official Website - Subscribe to our Channel – Engage with us on Facebook at Please Like, Share, Comment & Subscribe

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