Snow Monster Teaches Baby Elsa ABC Song | Learning Video Collection with Alphabet, Counting & More

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Learn the ABC's with this 36-min series of all recent Baby Learning World alphabet, counting, and nursery rhyme videos! These videos feature a range of your favorite characters teaching vocabulary and early educational material for children to sing and memorize. These learning videos turn something boring (memorizing the alphabet or learning to count) into something exciting (watching your favorite characters enact different scenes). Kids will learn to associate letters with sounds and words, helping their brains form important connections needed for speech. Baby songs are an excellent addition to any learning regimen, since the songs engage the right side of the brain while the left side is stimulated by learning new words. The series opens with a spunky guitar tune and young Elsa dancing to the alphabet song. Next, we see her again when she's older and able to teach the ABC song to you instead! The learning continues through her adventures in her ice castle, in a tropical forest with Calida, throughout Frozen land with Hanna and Ulric, and even around the world in an alien spaceship! Speaking of aliens, there are a few alien minions who would like to teach you the alphabet as well. Finally, things wind down with a visit to kindergarten and our own version of 'Baa, Baa, Black Sheep.' This video series is great for native English speakers as well as ESL learners (English as a Second Language). * * * * * * Music: Copyright 2016 Baby Learning World®. Video: Copyright 2016 Baby Learning World®. * * * * * * We hope you enjoy this video series of the ABC song for babies by Baby Learning World®. Please tell us about your own experiences and requests in the comments section below; we’ll keep them in mind for new videos. For more great learning videos and nursery rhymes, click subscribe at the link above!

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