My Little Pony Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Playset, Princess Twilight Sparkle

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Come take a magical friendship try to the Rainbow Kingdom with Princess Twilight Sparkle, today Baby kangaroo review and play's with this amazing girls toy called the My Little Pony Friendship Rainbow Kingdom its just such an amazing play set for girls of all ages. It comes with an amazing Rainbow Kingdom Friendship is magic MLP car and Swing. This is a great playset toy for girls and the perfect unboxing by Baby Kangaroo. Mamma And Baby Kangaroo loves making fun and educational videos for kids of all ages. Your child will have so much fun watching our fun and educational videos for girls and boys, and all our really fun toys unboxing videos as well for pure family fun and perfect for kids of all ages. Subscribe to Mamma Kangaroo Disney Toys & Play-Doh Videos We LOVE MLP (My Little Pony), And we have done tons of My Little Pony Videos Check them Out! We dress Rainbow Dash in Play-doh Come Join This Play Doh Fun The My little pony Express Train is ready to leave the station. Twilight Sparkle Goes Shopkins Shopping Stuart from Minions plays with My Little Pony We open a WHOLE BOX OF WAVE 14 MLP, My Little Pony Blind Bags Friendships is MAGIC a WHOLE BOX OF BLIND BAGS Elsa and Anna Buys Ice Cream from My Little Pony Playing with girls Toys !! Bubble Guppies takes a bath with Barbie and MLP Friendship is magic SURPRISE BLIND BAG MYSTERY BAGS From My Little Pony ! Surprise Bag Unboxing Opening Surprise Bags MLP Make your own CUTIE MARKS with this Amazing My Little Pony Play-doh Play Set Don't get SMASHED by the MASHIN Max Board Game with MLP Pinkie Pie's Sweet Shoppe with Rainbow Dash Visiting Princess Twillight Sparkle Is super smart, check out her Reading Cafe. My Little Pony Equestria Girls Minis Applejack Doll Pinkie Pie Swan Row Boat Play Set Amethyst Star Pop Pony Unboxing Rarity Water Cutie Mark Magic Follow us please Facebook: Twitter: Website: Mamma Kangaroo posts a new video for children every day, my most awesome videos are usually very educational, but I also do toys unboxing, and reviews of the newest play sets. I love to play with Play-doh and make super awesome videos about Disney Toys. But as mentioned my favourite thing is making educational videos, using fun toys to make the videos very loveable and fun for children, toddlers and babies to keep learning and have fun. via YouTube Capture toy info: Princess Castle Playset My Little Pony Princess Twilight Sparkle is a princess pony best known for spreading the magic of friendship wherever she goes. Now she has her very own kingdom as the princess of friendship, and she can't wait to share her kingdom adventures with you. Princess Twilight Sparkle and her fun pony friends (each sold separately) can soar down the twisty pony slide in the pony slide car, or swing through the air in the castle's royal swing. Join in Princess Twilight Sparkle pony's excitement as she uncovers hidden surprises in the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom castle. Help Princess Twilight Sparkle discover friendship keys to unlock the kingdom's magic! Use the special key and the secret tower star keys to unlock fun and exciting accessories in surprise hiding spots around the castle. Find the princess's shoes in the royal closet or her beautiful tiara in the pink vanity. Don’t forget about her pretty bracelet hidden in the book!

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