Brutally Honest Productions Script Workshop for Love Stories (working title)

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My name is Mark Nunnari and I have spent the past five years writing and developing my first feature film screenplay entitled Love Stories (working title). The idea behind Love Stories follows the journey of a young and naïve university student (Jonathan) who is down on his luck and socially awkward around members of the opposite sex. He seeks solace by frequently visiting prostitutes whether it's in their homes or in legalised brothels. An inciting incident brings forth chance meeting with a very attractive prostitute with a very bubbly personality (Louise) who takes an immediate liking to Jonathan. But Louise is not like any of the other prostitutes whom he has been with she is kind, caring, and enjoyable to be around. But underneath her fun and lively exterior lays a deep, dark secret that could stop Jonathan from winning her heart. The video that you see is myself with a group of actors. On the 3rd Saturday of the month, my actors perform scenes from the screenplay and I direct them like they would be directed in a rehearsal room style environment. Not only do I get to practice communicating with actors, but I also receive their feedback based on the script's dialogue, characterization, and subtext.

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