Christmas Trees in Myth, History, and our Daily Lives: Lecture at SFU

Convert to MP3 for your device with YouTube MP3jam Humankind and trees have been intimately linked from the moment our primate ancestors climbed down from the branches. We've evolved, but never really left the forest. Our first civilizations were built with, in, and around trees, and we continue to rely upon trees for food, fuel, weapons, tools, clothes, homes, and more. An affinity for trees spans the globe and touches nearly every culture. Rooted in the earth with their branches reaching to the heavens, trees have played a prominent role in history, myth, folklore, and religion. This lecture, which took place at SFU's Vancouver campus in December 2013, explored how our planet's most important plants have shaped our lives, including the Tree of Knowledge and the curious practice of bringing cut evergreens into our homes each December. Find out more about lectures and programs available through SFU Continuing Studies at .

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