The kosher pass during menstruation - vpro Metropolis

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The Jewish faith doesn't just prescribe separation from bed during the woman's period. Husband and wife are not even allowed to touch each other. This leads to some inconvenient moments in daily life. vpro Metropolis was a video project by Dutch broadcast organisation vpro, that ran from 2008 to 2015. Metropolis is made by a global collective of young filmmakers and TV producers, reporting on remarkable stories from their own country/city. We made a trip around the globe on one single issue: from local beauty ideals to Elvis impersonators, to what's it like being gay, or an outcast or a dog in different cultures. More videos and full episodes: Visit additional youtube channels bij vpro broadcast: vpro Broadcast: vpro Metropolis: vpro Documentary: vpro World Stories: vpro Extra: vpro VG (world music): vpro 3voor12 (alternative music): vpro 3voor12 extra (music stories):

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