YHWH Tetragrammaton A Gravity Generator

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In my own words (John Ten): Moses "reclaimed" by the instruction of the Divine Council (not stole) the Tetragrammaton YHWH from the Egyptians from inside the pyramid of Giza to lead the Israelite to cross the Red Sea and later the same device also part the Jordan river [Joshua4 v18,23]. Other scholars points to the same clue [The Giza Death Star Deployed by Dr. Joseph Farrel],[The Giza Power Plant by Christopher Dunn], etc, the pyramids were built to harness earth's natural energy lines and couple with technological devices can also be used as a weapon, absolutely not a tomb for the Pharaoh because no evidences ever suggested such. Ancient Egyptian text [The Literature of Ancient Egypt by Professor William Simpson] told a story hundreds of years prior to Moses "high priests of Egypt open the water of the lake to find the bracelet and give it back to the queen" under the king's instruction using this same device. This device also explains how super large stones are quarried almost seemingly effortless in antiquity. The mystery of Coral Castle in Florida built by Edward Leedskalnin said when interviewed how in the world could he have done all this by himself? He replied, "he know the secrets of the pyramids". Feminine erotology educational website is created nearly 5 years ago, many thanks from women from all over the world. Tens of thousands hits from over 70+ countries daily. Sex Documentary video in the center of frontage is a good start. Syntribate site is created for the expansion of human consciousness using sexuality as a vehicle of interest. Article on "God" and "Caged Female Sexuality" are two recommended read. All posts that are confrontational and religious in nature that has no basis whatsoever in response to this video will be deleted, users blocked permanently. Personal attacks such as "pervert", "burn in hell", nonconstructive in nature will be deleted. You may ABSOLUTELY post religious questions by keeping an open mind in a sound, coherent, constructive manner. I totally welcome them. I support people who still goes to church to experience God in whatever context they feel most comfortable with. For those who in the know who are frustrated by people who is not in the know, here is my present for you - keep the peace brothers and sisters. "the one true god does NOT take sides, he-she-the-neutral-singularity only protects the balance of life... any god that takes sides to wage war against another is a demigod, a fake god, regrets creation of man, cries, is "pleased", gets angry, is a jealous god, show racial favoritism (my chosen one, the apple of my eye), sexist, etc. the one true god is the Source, the Creator, the Word, the Instruction, the Law, the Way, completely neutral, with infinite power and energy density suspended in perfect equilibrium, undetectable like a vacuum... the space, the medium that connects All to All." -jTen 12/27/2013

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