Stop Bullying - See Examples of Bullying in these Cartoons about Bullying - Stop it now!

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Stop Bullying - See Examples of Bullying in these Cartoons about Bullying - Stop it now! Bullying is a problem in our society. No wonder we see all kinds of Stop Bullying campaigns popping up on Schools and in the workplace. With the types of bullying being very diverse, you now and then wonder if the bullying stories you hear could even be true. Some of these stories about bullying are just incredibly gross. In the above cartoon bullying videos, kids get to see what bullying in schools looks like and the videos give them some facts about bullying at the same time. The effects of bullying can be seen all around us in society. Kids that get introverted and do not dare to go to school anymore, because they feel the effects of bullying all the time and it just gets worse and worse. Now, we all know verbal bullying and emotional bullying and we'd be lying if we hadn't been involved ourselves in at least verbal bullying one way or another. But more and more we see physical bullying going on in our schools and sometimes it gets so out of hand, we even see violence emerge from it: either from the one bullying or the one being bullied. In other words, there are different types of bullying. So, how to stop bullying? That is an interesting question. First of all, I think we should educate our kids that no bullying is allowed of other kids. If you simply explain them it is rude (and you might even give them examples of what it would be like if they were bullied themselves), your kid might simply understand he should stand up against others that are making bullying into a daily activity. One of the great examples of how to handle bullying, is a Facebook page about Collin... Maybe you know him. The page went viral. Colin had no friends at school because he is a little different. Right now he has over 2 million friends on FB who stood up for Colin and made a statement against bullying. You can find the page here: There are also a lot of creative minds that make pictures about bullying, and you can find those here: If you want to know more about bullying prevention, you can check out this government website on 'Stop Bullying": Our kids need to feel safe in life. So fight bullying as much as you can and educate your kids about it. And watch the video! It is fun to watch for your kids!

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