- Butterflies - Cover - [Video Star] - RE-RE-UPLOAD - FINALLY AVAILABLE - Amber's 0.8K MVC -

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THANK U DAD FOR LETTING ME HAVE MORE TIME TO EDIT AND UPLOAD THIS BUT OMG THE COVER MAKES ME HATE THIS VIDEO IF U WANNA SEE IT WITH THE ORIGINAL AUDIO CHECK MY INSTAGRAM ---- Enter my 0.6K EC! Enter Jeedefry EC! ---- 158 days till I meet my best friend 👭❤️ ---- Halloo ---- I acc like this aksks ---- Ive wanted to do this song as a vs since like 2 years before i even started my channel😂 ---- I have no glasses on in dis oh ma gawddd ---- I couldnt be bothered to find them😂 ---- Im getting my fixed braces on the 7th of November oo ---- I was gonna get them monday but then when i was about to have something else done that i needed before having them put on the lady who had spoke to me before said i needed another 8 weeks😂 ---- I forgot october was a month cos im stupid af, i thought my one year was in a month (its November 3rd) and then remembered about Halloween 😂😂 ---- Some kid down my road pretended a man with a black mask and long fingernails tried to grab her but theres no footage of it on the security cameras so people think theyve been lying and the police have been involved ---- Fun stories with meh ---- Em ---- Idk ---- 3rd daily upload oo how nice ---- K bye bye ---- People I consider friends 👭 X.grace .X (high five nutcase) Bea.lily.x (Carrot) Ruby Noodles (mouldy pineapple) Simply.Kiara (Racist Little Butterfly) Georgia's Life.xx (Sissy) ItsMeMegz xo (Nanny) SkeletonClique X (Dat boi) Tbh.Anya (Kermit) ItsJustChloe (long lost daughter) Zebradezoo (Pen willy) itsjustjen (Burrito b) LiveLifeLikeEllie (brace buddy) WhiskersOnFleek (Tom :D) HeyyItssIzzyy xoxo (Taco) Reeny Wbu (Reent) ItzStxph x (No nickname yet) HeyItsEllie xoxo (Tree) Rxnskee (bitchcow / daughter) Vids With Amber (Llama Lass / penis) hxnnah's chxnnel (no nickname yet) rachel x (Dippit / Clone / weedefry / crush buddie / JEEDEFRY2K17 😭❤️) VidzWithLiz x (Jiz) Oh My Llama (Twatty / Curly) Silent Saraii (Saraieffry McTooty) musicvideos by Titti (no nickname yet) Autumn's World (no nickname yet) vidsbytracyxoxo (no nickname yet) HeyIts Tyler (no nickname yet) Juju The Cool Watermelon (Dildo) Helloitslulu (no nickname yet) OriginallyRhi (no nickname yet) Rian (Rhino) Vs Carysss (no nickname yet) SimplyMxisy (Snazzy Buddy) AdamsVideos (no nickname yet) islaa (waffle) ietjebel x (no nickname yet) Awkward Erin (peppa pig) It's Abigail! (no nickname yet) AutyNotNaughty VS (taco potato strawberry ghosty) ItsFrostyy (Happy meal) HeyItsCourtz (no nickname yet) aka britt (smelly cat) Megan (HeeyItsMegan D) SurfHope (no nickname yet) L from LifeWithA&L (barbie) Emzicle x (no nickname yet) Happy To Be Me (no nickname yet) VidsWithBethh (no nickname yet) Sylvia Productions (damp bread) Samantha Productions (no nickname yet) idkwearingpjs (no nickname yet) Annie // (princess) Rachxell ;p (Ariana Grande) ItzEveyx (Boonana / M19192992) Kalissa (no nickname yet) Nina// (no nickname yet) carystheunicorn xx (u can just be a potato😂😂) Actually Sam (samwich) VS Tutorials (gingerbread) Summaiya VS (pudding - i think😂🤔) Tiavision Videos X (sassy llama😏) LiterallyMia X (chipmunk twin😂) Typical Tom (no nickname yet) Simply Bercy (no nickname yet) Søfs (no nickname yet) mxrii (no nickname yet) VS Anonymous Sisters (Moon bae🌚) Its Kieran (brother) Giana // (blue friend) Just .Kelly (potato) Issie Edits (no nickname yet) •👀Collab Channels👀• 🐠Vs hbu: (uploads whenever)🐠 ⚡️ElectricEdits: (uploads whenever)⚡️ 🌳VsTrees: (Random Uploads) 🌑VS Planets: (Friday Back up)🌑 😇VsAngels: -Results are on Lizzie's channel- (Saturday)😇 🎀SevenSnazzyLads: (Thursday)🎀 Squads 👊 McDonalds Squad Tree™ Squad 🙆 Spongebob Squad 😉 Sassy Llama Squad ✔️ Tutorial Squad 👁 Lydia Squad 💚 Lemon Squad 🍋 Cactus Squad 🌵 ⚡️Social Medias⚡️ Musical.ly: _.georgiaaaa._ Instagram: _.georgiaaaa._ Snapchat: private sorry 😁 Tree Squad Instagram: treesquadd Kik: Comment yours ✅ We Heart It: TreeWhiskers123 Cactus squad ig: _.cactus_squad._ Other Instagram: drawing.edits.x *CREEPS ARE BLOCKED* About me: Age: 13 From: UK Guest host?: Yes 26.05.16 😂😅 Features: 23 Some answers to questions: Q. What font did u use? A. Bcos of past experiences i only tell good/close friends Q. Do u do tutorials? A. No Q. Send me the overlays? A. Bcos of past experiences i only send them to good/close friends Q. Collab?? A. Ask me in the comments (it depends if im busy) ---- *DISCLAIMER* Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a permitted by copyright statue that may overwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance favour of fair use. Fan video of "IMG_0129" Created using Video Star:

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