Months of the Year Song - Days of the Week Rap in English

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The Months of the Year, Days of the Week Song Will Rock Your World! 1. Units of Time Lesson ◀ Safe Link 2. Check out our Complete Lesson Package for 70% off:úsica-para-as-crianças-Worksheets-for-meses-do-ano-em-ingles-canções-месяцев- года--на-английском-Lessons-2200780 ◀--- Safe link You'll have fun teaching your children about the clock and calendar in this fun song. This also is a great song for kids to dance to or to take a brain break in the classroom! While moving along to this action song, kids will list the 12 months in order naturally without having to worry about rote memorization. Meses del Año canción en inglés es para los niños pero obtendrá todo el mundo, tanto de baile joven y viejo! Este canción consigue que se mueve como macarena. Days of the Week: Dias dela Semana Ingles/Spanish Monday - Lunes Tuesday - Martes Wednesday - Miercoles Thursday - Jueves Friday - Viernes Saturday - Sabado Sunday - Domingo Days in a Month (12 months of the Year) Días en un mes/ (Doce Meses en un año) January = 31 Days February = 28 Days March = 31 Days April = 30 Days May = 31 Days June = 30 Days July = 31 Days August = 31 Days September = 30 Days October = 31 Days November = 30 Days December = 31 Days = 365 Days in a Year Age Range for This Song: US Elementary School K, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade UK Primary School KS1-KS2 Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 SINGAPORE Primary School P1, P2, P3 MEXICO Canciones Educativas y Divertidas para bailar en inglés. Escuela Primaria 8 a 9 años Jardín de infancia, Primer Grado, Segundo Grado, Tercer Grado Este canción consigue que se mueve como macarena SPAIN Educación Primaria (spanish) Primer Ciclo, Segundo Ciclo, Tercero Ciclo PHILIPPINES (Tagalog) Buwan ng taon kanta sa ingles. katulad lubi lubi Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 edad 6-9 EGYPT: للأعمار اغنية شهور السنةباللغة الإنجليزية العام اشهر السنه باللغة الإنجليزية الصف الثالث الابتدائي الصف اثاني روضة أطفال - __________________________________________ Months Hip-Hop LYRICS: time song We know that there’s 1 minute If we can fit 60 seconds in it. If we could stack minutes and build a tower, There would be 60 minutes in 1 hour. When 12 hours pass, then we’re halfway To 24 hours, which makes a day. And a week is complete in 7 days, But the length of a month is harder to say. They can be 28 to 31 days long; One of them contains the day that you were born on! January, March, May, July, August, October, December: All have 31 days; all have 31 days. April, June, September, and November: All have 30 days; all have 30 days. February has 28 days, but when it’s a leap year, It’s got 29 days; it’s got 29 days. The length of a year is hard to make clear, ‘cause one of every four years is a leap year. The common years happen three in a row They have 365 days, you know. Then a leap year comes with an intercalary, That’s the name of the extra day in February. That’s why leap years have 366 days And why February’s number of days can change. REPEAT CHORUS 10 years is a decade, 100 years is a century, And a millennium’s 1000 of history! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Other YouTube creators are making great learning songs For children. Here are my two favorites: Learning Station Months of the Year Song - 12 Months of the Year StoryBots Time: "Twelve Months of the Year" by StoryBots Harry Kindergarten 12 Months! *This song is also in our Math Songs Playlist on Our YouTube Channel Page.

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