Transforming Teaching and Learning Through STEM Education

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Dr. Diana Wehrello-Grabowski conducts hands-on-minds-on, inquiry and standards-based STEM teacher training throughout the nation and world. In the following STEM teacher training powerpoint/ movie Dr. Diana Wehrell-Grabowski provides photos and videos of teachers conducting hands-on STEM investigations. Teachers are introduced to STEM practices and content, the engineering design process, reflective journaling in the STEM classroom, and how STEM education helps to build the 4C's : creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. During the STEM teacher training sessions Dr. Wehrell-Grabowski conducts teachers are actively engaged in the learning process, they become transformed. Dr. Wehrell-Grabowski believes that STEM education will play a major role in transforming education in our nation and the world. Traditionally, our educational systems have not allowed or promoted creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration in our students or the teachers. STEM education indeed may be one of the answers to turning around our educational system and workforce.

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