Baby Alive Better Now Blonde Bailey Doll - Girl Toys Unboxing

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I just love Baby Alive, and this new toy unboxing for girls with Baby Alive better now Baily is one of my favourites so far. I have the Blonde version of Baby Alive Bailey Better Now doll and she is so cute, with her blonde hair and clothes that has a cat like hello kitty on it. Wonderful blue eyes and the doctors kit to make her better again. She can drink and play and she pees for real, such a cute baby alive doll unboxing. Mamma Kangaroo has a big collection of educational and toy unboxing videos. Not to mention Play-doh videos and Disney toys videos. Below you can find some awesome baby alive videos from Mamma Kangaroo, and of course links to all our educational videos. We love all the different cute baby alive dolls from Hasbro, and unboxing one is always a new experience. Subscribe to Mamma Kangaroo Disney Toys & Play-Doh Videos BABY ALIVE is just AWESOME, it eats and POOPS Play-doh Baby Alive eats M&M, Play Dough and lots of other weird things !! Baby Alive gets a Boo Boo poor little baby Doll ! Baby Alive visits Nancy's closet to try on clothes ! We got the Bitsy Burpsy Baby That can really Burp up Water ! Baby Alive gets super diaper Poop from Nutella The amazing POOP Shapes Lalaloopsy Potty Surprise PLAY-DOH Fun, this is all our fun Play-Doh Unboxing and Playing Videos Disney Toys are awesome, all your friends here Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Frozen, Elsa, Pluto And the gang Kinder Surprise Eggs, We open and reveal all the awesome Kinder Surprises and Eggs Matey and the other Palace Pets are ready for Lots of Fun with Palace Pets Toys. Learn Colours, Fruit names, mathematics, Alphabet, and much more with Mamma Kangaroo Follow us please Facebook: Twitter: Website: Mamma Kangaroo Disney Toys & Play-doh posts a new video every day, we do everything from unboxing toys, to reviewing the newest play sets. We love to play with Play-doh and make super awesome videos about Disney Toys. We also make educational videos, using fun toys to make the videos very loveable and fun for children, toddlers and babies to keep learning and having fun. Toy information: Oh no! Better Now Bailey is home sick today, and she needs someone to take care of her. Give her a checkup to see what’s wrong. She comes with what is needed to take care of her, like a pretend thermometer and stethoscope. Feed her from her bottle- she drinks and wets! Then change her diaper. Taking care of Bailey when she’s sick isn’t always easy, but with a caring mom, she’ll bounce back in no time! •Includes doll, outfit, diaper, instructions, and 4 accessories. • Give Bailey a checkup • She drinks and wets • Change her diaper via YouTube Capture

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