Lecture 2 by Oliver Hillel (Part 1 of 3): Biodiversity management after 2010: What can education do?

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Lecture on biological diversity, given by Oliver Hillel, Program Officer, Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, an organism of the United Nations. The talk was to a public audience in a large hall on the MacDonald Campus, a location shared between John Abbott College and McGill University in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue (Montreal Island, far west), Quebec, Canada. This talk took place on the McGill University side of the campus, and this time was also attended by some university people and some high school invitees. The talk was given on September 23rd, 2010, about a year after the first lecture on bio-diversity by the same person on the same campus. 2010 was designated as the year of biological diversity. The lecture, titled "Biodiversity management after 2010: What can education do?" was organized by Doris Miller, a teacher at the college. Nature Connection functions under Doris Miller and currently a one-person volunteer effort by Doris Miller. The overall video lasts about 45 minutes, including the question period that constitutes most of part 3 of the 3 approximately 15 minute parts. The audience is in flux due to it being the lunch hour and because people had to leave here and there for various purposes, especially classes. These videos were recorded, edited/produced, and uploaded to YouTube by Ed Baylin, a teacher in the Computer Science Department at the college. You hear Ed's voice identifying the different parts of the video for a few moments at the start and end of each of the 3 parts of the video and at the end of the first two parts. The audio is clear, but, unfortunately, due to camera problems, the video of Oliver live is sometimes a bit fuzzy. Therefore many still pictures have been inserted into the video for clarification where necessary.

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