Black History Month Buddhist Lecture 2014

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This Black History Month Buddhist lecture is given by Anthony "Amp" Elmore. Elmore is a community organizer and a "Buddhist Activist" lives in Memphis, Tennessee. Elmore is better known in his hometown of Memphis as a 5 time World Karate Kickboxing Champion. In 1983 the prestigious Memphis magazine named Elmore as one of the 100 most influential Memphis citizens. Elmore is the father of Kickboxing in Memphis and he was the 1st person to bring E.S.P.N. to Memphis in 1981. Elmore began life as a youth activist while as a student at Hamilton High school in Memphis. In 1971 Elmore who was the youth chairman of the Inner City Voter Education Committee was the 1st to lead a group of 18 year old youth to the election commission for voter registration. Elmore began his Buddhist study as an 18 year old youth. In 1972 Elmore joined an organization headed by Dr. Martin Luther King strategist Rev. James Bevel. James Bevel convinced Elmore to quit college and join the Black movement full time. In 1972 Elmore was a delegate for the 1st Black political Convention in Gary, Indiana. Elmore in 1972 rubbed shoulders with all of the African American great leaders. Elmore became disenchanted with the Rev. Bevel movement called M.A.N. or making a nation. Elmore tried his hand at Islam and the reason he did not join the Nation of Islam because he refused to cut his large Afro hairdo and give up his Dashiki. In 1974 Elmore joined a Buddhist organization called NSA or Nichiren Shoshu of America. Elmore upon becoming a Buddhist gave up his large Afro and Dashiki. The Buddhist religion gave Elmore what is called "Chudo" or the Center way. Buddhism helped Elmore to make his jagged edges smooth. Buddhism convinced Elmore who practiced Zen Buddhism and Karate to moderate his approach to life and living. Elmore made the decision to use his skills to promote Buddhism. Elmore won the PKA World heavyweight Title in 1982. Elmore put life under the guidance of many Japanese teachers. It was Elmore's background in Black history that caused him to challenge his Japanese masters. This Black history month lecture is Elmore's personal story in his quest to be a Black Buddhist in America. Elmore challenged his 1st leader when he described in a book that Shakyamuni the historical Buddha was of Aryan decent. Elmore traveled extensively in Africa to the Buddhist temple in Accra, Ghana. Elmore later can to realize that the Japanese were Ethnocentric and Japanese Nationalist. This lecture tells Elmore's personal story and 44 years experience and understanding of Buddhism. Elmore made the decision to rid his Buddhist Practice of Japanese masters. Elmore found in Buddhism a practice of inequality and injustice. In January of 2014 Elmore organized a Buddhist organization called the Proud Black Buddhist World Association. for more information visit his website at:

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