Casablanca _ screenplay breakdown - Realization Point

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In this point of the film Rick finds out Lazlo is married to Ilse. McKee calls this the mid-act crisis while I side with Truby and think of it as just a revelation point (as apposed to his big self-revelation at the end with his ‘hill of beans’ speech’. This scene comes after Ilse tries to explain to Rick why she left him an explanation he drunkenly rejects. He practically calls her a whore as she leaves and the next morning he tries to make amends. McKee lays out the beast to this scene 1/ Approaching her/Ignoring him 2/Protecting her? Rejecting him (and Arab) 3/Apolijising/ Rejecting him 4/Excuse making/Rejecting him (and Arab) 5/Getting his foot in the door/Opening the door 6/ Getting down on his knees/Asking for more 7/Guilt tripping her/ Guilt tripping him 8/Saying goodbye/Refusing to react 9/ Calling her a coward / Calling him a fool 10/ Sexually propositioning her/ Hiding her reaction 11/ calling her a slut/Destroying his hope

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