Lil B Lecture at University of Florida: (OFFICIAL FULL LENGTH VIDEO)

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2:42 - Finding the purpose of life 3:28 - I love you Based God. 4:55 - Ashamed of meat. - Buying followers on Twitter. - What is life? - Comparing yourself to your past-self. - "Fuck Kevin Durant" - Being a "Positive Predator". - Salty sweat & blood flow. - Q&A - Lil B cooks - Personal connections on social media. - Public school education system. - Dealing with depression. - Working with Chance the Rapper - Freestyle battle - Lil B goals - Lil Wayne & 2Pac - New book - Dropping first album. - How life made him "weird" - Who Lil B is voting for in the 2016 presidential election. - Staying relevant on the internet. - Lil B on marketing & branding. - Lil B snapchat. - Fan interviews. ________________________________________­__ Lil B the Based God gives an extremely rare lecture at the University of Florida about what made him "weird" and finding himself in his teenage years, being a positive predator, his thoughts on the 2016 presidential election, and how to make your brand last on the internet. Lil B also mentioned he is in the process of working on a new book to be published in 2017, as well as dropping his first official album. Half way through the video the Based god does Q&A with the UF students, and even accepts a freestyle challenge from an up & coming rapper in the audience. Shitty camera man: Shane Amati Interviews: Danny Jones ________________________________________­___ Subscribe Here: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

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