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Happy Learning is channel for kids. Here they can find educational videos with which they can learn and have fun. ▶ SUBSCRIBE HAPPY LEARNING! Hi Children, in this educational video we are going to learn another interesting animal, the chameleon, a multi-coloured reptile. The chameleon is one of nature’s most curious reptiles, its capable of changing colour to camouflage, or to say, it can change its colour to match that of its surroundings, so no predators can see it… Look, look, try to find it… The chameleon, like all reptiles, has a body that is completely covered in hard scales that protect him from its enemies, but they have a characteristic that makes them very special in comparison to other reptiles, do you know which one it is? As you have discovered by looking at the images, chameleon’s eyes are very special. They are cone shaped and in the centre they have a hole where the pupil peeks out. The cone shape allows them to easily rotate their eyes completely in any direction. They can also move each eye independently, and that is why they have a 360 view, which is to say they can see everything that is happening around them without moving their head. But everything good that they have in their sight is bad in their hearing, why though? Why do you think that is? As you can see they don’t have any ears and its believed they are deaf. As we have already said the fundamental characteristic a chameleon has is that it can change its skin colour to adapt to its surrounding. However the colour change also depends on its emotional state… if they are angry… if they are scared or in love. Another characteristic that surprises everyone is their way of hunting. Chameleons, like crocodiles, snakes and the majority of reptiles are carnivorous… which is why they need to hunt to survive. The chameleons hunt their pray with their tongs. Their tongue is very long and can be deployed very rapidly. Its tip is sticky and when it touches its prey it sticks to it, making it very easy to then eat them. Chameleons feed mainly on insects although sometimes they can eat in small mammals or birds. The truth is that chameleons are very extraordinary animals, don’t you think? Bye friends, and don’t forget to subscribe to Happy Learning.

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