Prepositions of place - in, on, at | English grammar

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An English grammar lesson to explain when we use the prepositions of place (in, on and at) Using the preposition "at" to describe a specific point or place The "at" preposition to define an exact address. Using the "at" preposition of place for events and buildings We can also use "at" when talking about somebody's house or a temporary stop during a journey. Standard expressions that use "at" - For example at home, at school, at church etc. We use the place preposition "on" for surfaces. Example we can say "Something is on the ceiling", on the table, on the floor etc. Another use of "on" is when something is "attached" to something else, for example a ring is on a finger etc. The "on" preposition can also be used for a town close to a river or the coast. We also use "on" for talking about places along a road. Here is a list of expressions using the "on" preposition - Some examples are "on the farm", "on the left" etc "in" is often used for enclosed places or places with a boundary. So we would say "in a forest" or "in a garden". The most common use of the "in" preposition is for towns and cities. There are some expressions with the "in" preposition like "in the newspaper", "in the sky" and many others. If you liked this video lesson and would like more, please subscribe to my channel, click on the "like" icon and leave a comment below :) Other videos: Grammar lessons: Countable and uncountable nouns: Listening exercises: Vocabulary videos: Andrew, Crown Academy of English Photo credits ------------- "Confused Young Woman. Mixed Expression" Image courtesy of stockimages | "Handsome Male Professional Pointing Away" Image courtesy of stockimages |

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