Antonio Varas de la Rosa Music- The Twelfth Of Never- Johnny Mathis

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Antonio was born in Madrid in 1954 and since little is gloating, as a traveler, in the creative process of a world that for him is always attached to drawing characters from comic or clay figures, issues that will not fail to continuously capture in posters, illustrations and murals. His career unfolds between cultural associations and academies neighborhood where offers and develops its creative potential as an artist and educator, until he decides to pursue his studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid animated by Pedro Mozos. He finished his studies in 1978 with the highest grades in drawing stain and chiaroscuro, natural and moving and unfolding since a phenomenal capacity for painting and drawing. They run early 80s who have a break in his artistic work and which is dedicated to education in school-cooperative "The Peñascales" and later as a professor of education at the IES Ramón Olleros de Béjar (1983) During this time their paths run between educational Comic, drama and animation students, and illustrations and posters for the City of Salamanca (1984-85) with the group of cartoonists, created by him: "LEAKS" (magazine awarded in 1984 with the award of educational magazines). From this period are the large murals in the city of Béjar with students. Copyright disclaimer. This video is for entertainment only, non profit. Fair use purpose permitted by copyright statute (SECT 109 of DMCA - 1976) Title 17 Section 100a. I own no media associated with this video. All videos are credited to respective owners.

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