Atari 5200: Kangaroo [Atari]

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Atari 5200 Super System review of the video game arcade port "Kangaroo" by Atari. I spent a lot of time on this & you watched it for free, so PLEASE comment (Say something useful), rate (Thumbs Up) & subscribe. I don't get paid to do this so return the favor. This is a channel for everyone, therefore cussing or being disrespectful will get you banned. You can also visit for more information on this title. Disclaimer: This is a copyrighted original video of original content. All aquired material has been licensed out or is exempt because of "Fair Use". Modifying the output of the video, which includes covering up the content with annotations, is an infringement of the owner's copyright. This material is educational, newsworthy, informational and non-profit. FTC Disclaimer: The video reviews on this channel are done without payment compensation, however donations to the website are gladly accepted. Any questions regarding the above should be sent to BiffsGamingVideos care of "Biff Malone".

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