Weekly Astrology Notes Nov 29-Dec 6, 2015

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This week on weekly astrology notes I am collecting observations on the recent events surrounding the Saturn square Neptune aspect. Included are a few links regarding revelations of the activities of the fallen warriors within the US government. They are now being revealed by the US military who have had enough of false wars and fighting for an international crime syndicate. More information on who is profiting from Daesh. Large US corporation have been purchasing oil from Daesh at a discount price. They may soon be stopped and face sanctions. And more on why the Pentagon is tired of fighting banker wars. Some dangerous transits for the USA coming up. Mars square Sun on Dec 4 and Mars conjunct on Dec 8. And also on Dec 8, Saturn opposition Asc. Followed by Saturn opposition Uranus on December 12. This could be the time of mass arrests. The authority figures will want to speak directly to the American people. It could be a showdown! On Sunday Dec 6, Mars square Pluto aspect means a time of intense power struggles, ruthless behavior and deceptive actions. May also coincide with another false flag attack. Also in this issue, Current Transits for Hillary Clinton, Dick Cheney, Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and Barak Obama. Regarding Obama, I am not longer certain as to the veracity of his chart. There is too much valid information that his birth certificate is a forgery. From there you can speculate. I suspect he was born in Indonesia and the Kenya birth certificate is just a misdirection. Either way, it is not what he says it is so his birth time and place are off. If so, he could be born with Moon later in Gemini and is still waiting Saturn opposition Moon and Neptune square Moon. The overall repression of the truth in the media makes it difficult to see what's really going on. When Mars reaches opposition to Uranus on December 10, this should be a breaking point when many people seek change all at the same time. Check out my video the Day the Earth Won't Stand Still for more info Once again, thank you for listening and please leave comments. In the coming weeks I will be expanding this channel to include more educational videos and some meditation and yoga videos as well. Thanks

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