Top 10 reasons for failing the UK driving test - UK driving test tips

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Top 10 reasons for failing the UK driving test according to the DVSA http://www.driving-school-beckenham.c.... With approximately 1.5 million driving tests taken every year and just under 47% passing, we have a look at the top 10 driving test mistakes. The biggest top 10 driving test mistakes according the latest official DVSA figures. Make sure that you don't make the same common driving test mistakes as shown in this video. FAQ: What are the top 10 reasons to fail the driving test? Why do people fail the driving test? Only book the driving test when you're ready. FREE mock theory tests - Driving test myths Please subscribe for our latest videos and give us a thumbs up like if this video has helped you as it helps us to make more videos. If you're learning to drive then make sure that you get professional help from a fully qualified driving instructor. This video is NOT an alternative to professional driving lessons and is only a rough guide. Videos aren't a substitute for real life driving experience in a safe environment. World Driving copyright 2016 © Feel Good Rock by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence () Artist:

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