Learn flags and countries of the world for Children with Hugg-a-Planet for Toddlers

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Learn all the different flags of the world for children of all ages, using a super cute Hugg-a-Planet Mamma Kangaroo makes a first introduction to learning about the different countries of the world for kids, toddlers babies and bigger children will all think its a lot of fun to learn about flags and countries with this easy to watch lesson. Get your first start with geography in this lesson from Mamma Kangaroo meant to be fun for children. Mamma Kangaroo makes many kind of fun videos for children, most are very educational. And all babies, toddlers and older children will love to learn with these fun and exciting lessons to teach everything from colours to mathematics and geography. Always with a fun twist and making use of different fun toys to make exciting lessons for any child to enjoy. Subscribe to Mamma Kangaroo Disney Toys & Play-Doh Videos All Mamma Kangaroo Toys Videos, Find all the Toy unboxing videos here! Learn Colours, Fruit names, mathematics, Alphabet, and much more with Mamma Kangaroo Learn Fruit Names in English Learn Fruit And Vegetable in English & Spanish Learn Numbers in English Learn Colors in English Learn Numbers and Colors in Spanish & English Learn Addition with Shopkins Learn Numbers Shapes and Letters in English Learn Flags and Countries in English Learn the Alphabet with Shopkins Learn Colours in Spanish & English Learn about food names for toddlers Learn colours with play-doh and get a surprise Follow us please Facebook: Twitter: Website: Mamma Kangaroo posts a new video for children every day, my most awesome videos are usually very educational, but I also do toys unboxing, and reviews of the newest play sets. I love to play with Play-doh and make super awesome videos about Disney Toys. But as mentioned my favourite thing is making educational videos, using fun toys to make the videos very loveable and fun for children, toddlers and babies to keep learning and have fun. via YouTube Capture

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