Educational animation for toddlers - How to Draw a Boy

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Watch MORE AMAZING VIDEOS: Subscribe for free videos: DotiBear - The Painting Bear - Toddler painting guide - Educational TV, animation for toddlers , babies and small children. How to draw a flower? How to draw a dog, a car, a plane? DotiBear -- the cute little Teddy Bear who will teach your kids to paint a variety of paintings that children love! On each chapter, DotiBear will draw a new painting with a variety of basic forms, so that your child will learn the names of the forms, colors, sizes and how to make beautiful paintings of it. At the end of each chapter we'll have a beautiful painting with step by step instructions in the child's language, and that will help your child learn new words. DotiBear is an educational animation series for infants, babies and curious children, that inspires to give an additional educational and creative value to your children. You'll love it because it'll educate your children in a fun, easy way, and the children will enjoy it because of the cute Teddy Bear, the beautiful paintings and the lovely music. How do you draw a House? On this chapter DotiBear will teach us how to draw a House using basic forms. __ Cartoons for Kids , Cartoons for babies , Cartoons for toddlers , Cartoons for children Animation For babies , cartoon for babies, for babies Animation for toddlers ,cartoon for toddlers,for doodlers Animation for kids, cartoon for kids,for kids Animation for children , cartoon for children , for children Educational videos for children , Educational cartoons for children Educational videos for babies , Educational cartoons for babies Educational videos for toddlers , Educational cartoons for toddlers Educational videos for kids , Educational TV for kids Educational movies for children , Educational TV for children Educational movies for babies , Educational TV for babies Educational movies for toddlers , Educational TV for toddlers Educational movies for kids , Educational TV for kids For babies to watch , For Kids to watch , For Children to watch , For doodlers to watch songs for children , songs for babies , songs for kids , songs for doodlers English for kids, learning English , Learning shapes Funny cartoons for children, Funny cartoons for kids , Funny cartoons for babies , Funny cartoons for toddlers

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