Kashmir Shaivism - Parmarthsaar - Aadhar Karika - Lecture15

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Connect with us on Facebook at - https://www.facebook.com/HariharTrikA... Harihar Trik Ashram presents a discourse on Parmarthsaar (Paramarthasara) (also known as Aadhar Karika) Narrated by Dr. Mohanlal Gupta In this lecture, Dr Gupta continues with the discussion of next few sutras of Parmarthsaar . Paramarthasara (which also means ‘Essence of Ultimate Reality or Truth’), is a treatise of 105 sutras (stanzas) published by Kashmirian polymath Abhinavagupta around tenth or eleventh century. The work deals with ideas that are central to Kashmir Shaivism, universal spiritualism and non-dual philosophy. In particular, the treatise explains the Trika philosophy which is based on Shiva, Shakti and embodiment of the soul. This video is about kashmir shaivism paramarthasara parmarthsaar Paramarthasara spirituality hinduism religion hindu religion Aadhar Karika aadharkarika adharkarika Abhinavagupta universal spiritiualism non-dual philosophy Shiva Shakti soul Tantric studies Tantric tantra Trika philosophy

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