Commentary #20: I Think I Knew This Guy in High School (1000 Subscriber Commentary Special)

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Ok, so I'm finally re-enabling the likes and comments on this video as of February 8th, 2016 now that I've given enough time for the Cartoon Fight Club situation to die down. So here's how this is gonna work; any comments that are related to the CFC situation or Michael's beef with him, Gohan or Roaring Thunder Pursuit will be deleted right on the spot since that has absolutely 100% zero relevance to this coop commentary or the subject the coop is based around. This commentary was requested by Zerarick back in September of 2015: my coop partner, Michael Schomer's Channel: Original Video: Second Overrated Movie List Mentioned at 49:04: Remade Video : John McClane's Channel: If you guys want to ask me any questions, then you can post them on my account: If you have any suggestions for future commentaries, you can request future commentaries in the link below: Twitter: Deviant Art:

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