PAST CONTINUOUS TENSE | English Grammar in Hindi Urdu

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Learn the right form & use of Past Continuous tense in this English Grammar in Hindi Urdu video lesson. This tutorial on Past Continuous Tense in English grammar is brough to you by Past continuous tense is also known as Past progressive tense. It is used in five situations. The most common use is when a longer action in past is interrupted by a shorter action or specific time interruption. For example, "I was working when you called". In the example the first part is Past continuous tense and the second part is Past Simple tense. Subscribe to our Youtube channel at Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter for all the learning video tutorials updates: Add us on Google+ circle for learning in a fun way: The lesson Past Continuous Tense in Urdu and Hindi is intended for the learners of basic English Grammar from Pakistan and India.

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