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Hand tools for children to learn their tools with a fun playable tool set. This educational video is part of our channel: the kids playgroud ! Hey Kids, today we learn a set of Tools with practical explanations. Learn how to say, write and use : - A screw - A drill - Bolt and nuts - A saw - Vise Learn the names of hand tools with this fun playable tool set. These toys are made so kids can understand the function of each tool and in this video, they will learn how to spell and pronounce them. These tools are made out of durable plastic and they actually work like regular tools but it is much smaller and made just for children. Our channel Kids PlayGround also helps Learning English for Kids with ESL Activities for Preschoolers that you can use in Kindergarten. Those fun, educational videos are to learn numbers, counting, learning colors, shapes and patterns.Those preschoolers videos also dedicated to children/toddlers/babies are available to watch in full 1080 HD

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