Genre, Story Tips And Crafting Your Elevator Pitch With Charles Harris

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Charles is an international award-winning writer-director, a script consultant, co-founder of a screenwriters’ workshop and author of The Complete Screenwriting Course. On starting as a screenwriter. The three essential elements of scripts that sell and stories that resonate. The importance of a strong and interesting premise in TV and film writing and the importance of characters in writing novels, TV or for the screen. How premise and pitch are aligned. The four elements, structure and theory behind a compelling story sentence. How emotion plays a role in creating a premise or story sentence. Writing the story sentence for a multi-book series and the importance of genre when describing your book or screenplay. An explanation of the 'four quadrants' of the film marketplace and the dangers when films fall in between two quadrants. The financial rewards (or not) of being optioned for the screen. You can find Charles at

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