Nursing Student = No Life (Honest Truth)

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Hey my Fellow Youtube Nurses heres a question that I received and she stated, "Hey there, I am having a hard time balancing school, life, and taking care of my self. Most of the time I am so in school mode that everything else goes to .... crap. My mother gets grumpy, my son is anxious and friends are irritated with me..any ideas would help, I have tried writing out a schedule, and that worked to a point. My adderral has me always doing 12 billion things at once. UGH its a pain. Please and thank you" Follow me: INSTAGRAM : TWITTER: MY WEBSITE: VINE: NURSEMENDOZA Disclaimer: No content contained herein is meant to be representative of our or any other institution. The opinions expressed in this video on this channel are not necessarily of those hospitals where I work, or their affiliated institutions & may not follow any policy/procedures that any hospital may have. The views expressed on this channel and/or in the videos on this channel do not represent medical advice- if you have specific medical concerns please contact your doctor. In order to protect patient privacy all patient identifiers in all videos have been deleted or altered. The views expressed on this channel and/or on the videos on this channel are opinions.

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