Nzingha Lecture 4: History of African Reparations Movement in Britain

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Part of Queen Nzingha lecture series 10 March 2013 at Birkbeck University This lecture features Esther Stanford-Xosei, Reparations Activist and PHD student, who takes us beyond the usual discourse about theories on the deservedness of reparations for Africans and People of African Descent, to how reparations has been envisioned and is currently being advocated in practice. Her lecture covers: What are reparations? social, cultural, physical, psychological, legal, financial? Who in the world has received reparations and why? How far back does the reparations movement in the UK go? How have people of African heritage in the UK articulated the struggle for reparations? How do we go about achieving reparations? Who benefits from reparations and how? What can you do to support the reparations movement ? Esther Stanford-Xosei is a Reparations legal expert and PHD student in history at the University of Chichester. Her research focuses on the history of the UK based movement for African reparations. She is also an internationally acclaimed Reparationist, Jurisconsult, dynamic Community Advocate and radio Broadcaster on Voice of Africa Radio. An experienced scholar-activist, grounded thinker and eloquent spokeswoman, she has charted new grounds in the theory and practice of reparations. She was a co-organiser of the 2002 African and African Descendants World Conference Against Racism which took place in Barbados and is is currently the Co-Chair of the Interim National Afrikan Peoples Parliament (NAPP). In association with PARCOE (the Pan-African Reparations Coalition in Europe), Esther has developed a Model Reparations Curriculum for teaching in schools and institutions of further and higher education. Esther serves as a Trustee of Anti-Slavery International and the Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust.

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