How To Find Your Theme

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by, Jacob Krueger If you read a lot of screenwriting books, it's easy start to think of theme as an intellectual tool: something that you apply to your writing in order to make decisions about what should be happening, what your character should be doing or saying or what message your audience should leave the movie believing. But theme actually comes from a much deeper place than that. It's not something you apply on top of your writing, or a tool you use to control your writing. Rather it's something that you discover through the process of writing: the deep rooted question you're wrestling with on the subconscious level that drove you to write this screenplay in the first place. Once you've discovered that theme, you can use it to guide and focus every aspect of your writing. But many writers never get to their real theme. Because the instincts that would have lead them there end up subverted by the well meaning advice of friends, family, inexperienced screenwriting teachers and well meaning producers, whose focus on formulaic fixes to the "problems" of your script often end up cutting you off from the themes that would truly have made it great. Writing is a lot like therapy. Though you may think you know exactly what you're writing about when you first start your project, most likely you'll be surprised to discover how much deeper your writing goes once you've allowed yourself to follow your instincts. In this new video, How To Find Your Theme I discuss how to find your theme, and some of the dangers that can come between you and that journey of discovery. Learn More:

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