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🔻🔻🔻🔻OPEN ME🔻🔻🔻🔻 Marcia | MomNeedsAClone Hi! I'm a mom of 4 who has a passion for helping other families save a dollar💰 ➡️SUBSCRIBE for more videos! YouTube🎥 Website💻 Facebook📲 Instagram📱 Twitter📲 Periscope📽 Email📲 BeautyChannel 2014 COUPONING SERIES: Printable Coupons ➡️ Step 1: Step2: Step3: Step4: Step5: Step6: MONEY SAVING APP IBOTTA APP: USE THIS CODE am9dug ***************************************************** My Family | LoungingWithTheLacys Fun family of 6 Dad is Jimmy Mom is Marcia been together 19 years married for 15. Four kids Nayjiana (18) Shawn(13) Daniel (11) Jeriah (11). We like lounging around and enjoying each other's company. Subscribe to join the Lacy Fam crew! YouTube🎥 Facebook📲 Instagram📱 Twitter📲 Periscope📽 Email📲 Shawn and Daniel Channel : ****************************************************** OUR FAMILY BUSINESSES YOU SHAPE YOU Co-Owners Jimmy and Marcia Lacy founded YOU SHAPE YOU in March 2012, Jimmy has a passion for fitness and helping others reach their fitness goals. He loves running his summer 12 week bootcamps and loves participating in boxing and jujitsu. Website💻 Email📲 YouTube🎥 Facebook📲 Instagram📱 Twitter📲 Periscope📽 POUND DOTS Jimmy and Marcia Creators and Owners of PoundDots stickers. Pound Dots was Created in March 2016 and Launched September 2016. With Jimmys love of fitness and Marcias love of stickers Pound Dots was born! 🔻🔻BUY HERE🔻🔻 Website💻 Email📲 pounddots YouTube🎥 Facebook📲 Instagram📱 Twitter📲 Pinterest📱pounddots

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