Physics Lecture:- Distance Scales in the Universe I

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This video is a part of the "Physics-X" lecture series, taught at Michigan Technological University by Dr. Robert Nemiroff. Dr.Nemiroff is one of the co-creators of the popular website APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day). "Physics-X" deals with some of the most extraordinary concepts in physics, most of which try to provide the Physics background behind some cool phenomena and theories like Time Travel, Special Relativity, Worm Holes and Black Holes, Quantum Mechanics, Parallel Universes, etc. No textbook and no prior knowledge of rigorous mathematics, is required for the course. This lecture talks about the Distance Scales in the universe, from the smallest units of fundamental units like time,charge,length and mass. It defines three of the most important numbers, zero, one and infinity. Scales of speed and temperature are also discussed.

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