Susan Talks About Saying Goodbye with Poetry - A Jewish Mourning Story

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When Susan’s husband, Morton, passed away, a group at her synagogue stepped up and offered support during an incredibly difficult time. People from the Jewish community gathered together, read his poetry - his prayers - as they all remembered him together. It was a beautiful, nontraditional farewell. ------- This is part of the Jewish Lifecycles series by G-dcast. To watch more than 20 other pieces about rituals - old and new - presented through animation and interviews, head to ------- Credits ------- Director: Liz Nord - Producer: Sarah Lefton Assistant Producer + Motion Graphics Artist: Jeremy Shuback Audience Outreach: Lisa Finkelstein Music: Ben Bromfield - Educational Advisers --------- Camille Angel Rachel Brodie Mychal Copeland Mark Hurvitz Stu Kelman Chai Levy Marilyn Wacks David Zinner Thanks to --------- Barbara Barza Mayana Bonapart Danielle Foreman Rachel Levinson Russel Neiss Emily Savage Oren Stevens Lesley Wynn Additional Thank You --------- Blaire Brown Roni Handler Deborah Kolben Aaron Mandel Matt Savage Ilana Sichel Lindsey Silken Leah Yamshon David Zeeman Special Thank You --------- Matthue Roth Produced by G-dcast – G-dcast: Meaningful Jewish Screen Time Feel awkward about your Jewish knowledge? G-dcast has you covered. Videos, apps and interactive experiences for everyone. Subscribe to G-dcast: © G-dcast 2014 The Lifecycles Project was made possible with generous support from The Koret Foundation, as part of their Initiative on Jewish Peoplehood.

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