Graham Hancock: Parallel Realms and the Vine of the Dead FULL LECTURE Megalithomania South Africa

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Subscribe here: Watch his lecture from Day 1 here: CLICK HERE to buy full DVD and MP4/MP3 downloads. Filmed at the Megalithomania Conference in Johannesburg, March 13th-14th 2011 co-hosted by Michael Tellinger (). On day 2 of the conference, Graham explored otherworldly realms and the sacred plant of the Amazon, Ayahuasca, and how this can transport you into interdimensional realities, as well as seeing clues within ancient cave art and visionary paintings. Copyright Megalithomania/Pentos TV 2011. All Rights Reserved. PAL & NTSC format. Box-Sets & Previous Years DVDs available at Produced by Hugh Newman - Directed by Jonathan Adams -

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