Back to Back - Skeptical Unchild V.s. G Man Pt.2

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G Man thought he could survive this duel by not fighting back. Instead, I'm just gonna bury him alive. Share and like if you did. Pt. 1 : Pt. 2 : Let G Man know he has a lot of digging to do. My shit: Lyrics: You say that Taking slaves isn't wrong Well You should change your name to uncle Tom He made you unfit so you must submit Stockholm syndrome in this mofucking bitch Give praise the man that'd sculpt you in chains Amputate a rib when you ask for a mate But won't do it for your kids if they ask for the same No they gotta fuck instead just to perpetuate Raw dogs go to heaven and bitches go to Hell The definition of a bitch is snitching on yourself we got it all on tape you dishonest prick When you back tracked saying I think I'm an atheist. G Man I think you are too Now what's a Christian to do They thought you where spreading truth But instead they got duped Its like the second coming of Brett keen part 2 A deconverted reconversion story dark in its roots Hostile to youths That are just trying to sort out the lies But Only to God do you apologize Now Read your bible and do what it says Do what you want because our saviors dead G Man you endorse Incest slavery deceit no fucking wonder why you feel so strongly that you are created flawed. It erases all responsibility. Back with a vengeance I'll serve this Christian up with persistance Man on a mission to show the world just what gmans missing An honest argument, a modern day flow And the part of the brain they say where all of your memories go There's no atheists on their death bed? Then theirs no Christians with a level head If evolution's so stupid Then tell me why not confute it It's been falsified a thousand ways just do it I'll wait in the end you ain't got shit Just the same lame words you recycled from Kent. I know it saves space when you don't need your brain But when you're always fucking wrong man it must be a pain And I think it's time to change You should probably think for yourself You bird brained bald bitch and put a dick in your mouth. Homophobic, science denying, logic defying, grade a dishonest fuck with zero balls when it comes to his lame rap skills. Back with my shovel to bury Gary He thinks I'm very scary Deep in the cemetery I break ground Scratching and screaming In the box like a daemon But the sound got drowned out when it was covered in ground. Rest in peace G Man And this is real life there is no eternity after this. Its just like the time before you where born son. May you fade into obscurity. Bitch.

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